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Whelping a New Litter
Part of my Web page is to give information to the daily activities of a Breeder.
Good Breeders live for their programs, their Dogs.
The lifestyle has to be a familly accepted one.
Bitches whelp between 57 and 63 days most of the time, but a temperature drop under 99 F is the best indicator to be ready in the next few hours.
All kinds of signs show up-the wait is long and a lot of Breeders sleep close to their Girls  to make sure everything will go ok.
No patterns from books can be trusted, every whelping is different--it is safer to just be around.
Nature takes care of most situations.
So the wait begins---lots of sleep
(Nao's blanket under the grand piano--expensive taste!)
Litter box ready-adjustable heat lamp and with Suite attached, bed, menu of the day offered!
Do not forget chairs.
Wherever the first puppy is born we then bring all activities to the whelping box.
 This time only two puppies.
Lot's of Milk and attention from Mommy!

***Maths for Working Moms***

Bitches are bred and carry for 60 days
         60 x 24 = 1440 hours
Bitches raise/feed/  60 days
         60 x 24  = 1440 hours
Bitches need 60 days to grow their
coat they lost-reshape their bodies
         60 x 24  =  1440 hours
Total work hours = **4320 Hours**

               Math for working Dads

Breeding time*** 1 hour***
(poor Dads)

Now you know why we think so highly of our working Moms !!




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