Serdee Akitas





               Our vision and Goals. (The 10 Wishes-not in order)
4-Sound Movers
5-Sound of Temperament
7-Square on all 4`s all the time
8-Rich Reds
9-Solid Pedigrees
10-Overall Balance at a glance
Although we enjoy just being around nice Akitas, there is more to this crazy adventure.
I know this wonderfull Breed will soon be joining their close familly (American Akitas) as a second yet different model of  Akitas.
Like so many other Breeds--there are subdivisions such as coats and other factors.
I think we should be ready for Recognition and have some outstanding Specimen ready for the showring.
My definition of Showring ready is to be competitive past the Breed ring----this is where Breeds become Popular and get their best exposure.
We bought amazing dogs, all born in Japan from famous Breeders.
These dogs had amazing Pedigrees and offer fantastic gene-pools.They were chosen by the most succesfull European Breeders as part of their foundation stock and proven to be great Producers.
Now in Canada-time will tell if we made some good choices!!



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