Serdee Akitas





The intent of this section is for everyone to see our Akitas but specifically their Pedigree
You will see the Parents-Awards-Geneticz behind each Akitas we own
Also you can do your own research check out the babies produced-litter mates(siblings ) owners-origin of birth

My compliments to Davor for this wonderful site

Nao Go Shirai

Megumi Go Hanawa Kisaragi

Shunyou Go Shirai

Ayame Go Kasuya Megumisou

Zaiho Go From Hachimantai

Zeitaku Go Serdess

Tsuriai Go Serdess

Daiju Go Atsugi Chitose

Chusei Go Serdess

Chujitsu Go Serdess

Have a good search!





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