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                          Shunyou Go Shirai
                          Akiho  #  11-2013
                          Born 2011 in Japan
                          Breeder; Yukiko Shirai
Shunyou Go Shirai
Our second female - we just purchased-  WOW!!
Shunyou was bred and born in Japan by the great Kennel Yukiko Shirai.
Discovered by Silvia Exposito of Shun`You Kensha who purchased her and another litter Sister (Sachi) .
Shunyou moved to Spain and grew up to become an exceptional Lady.(she looked pretty awesome in her puppy picture on
We are impressed with the Structure, amazing headpiece, eyes, plus a fantastic pedigree.
This is a top quality Bitch that does not come around to often on the market at barely 2 years of age.
My trust in Silvia`s eye as a breeder is undeniable.
I was hoping we could get one of these two Shirai Ladies.
Shunyou is already HD-A and had a beautifull litter in 2012 in Spain and is a proven producer I am told as many of her puppies are already around the Globe.
The best news is that she will be bred at  -Shun`You Kensha-  before we import her to one of my Favorite Males
Puppies planned for July 2013
All Akiho---out of coat in this picture---more photos and videos to come.
Shunyou---------a Classy Elegant Lady so very Feminine--
Thank you Silvia!---Canada needs great Akitas! 
The Future!
Just arrived in Canada-time to relax and recuperate!
Shunyou eating and getting a belly with new pups soon to be born

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