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Registration Papers-Health Certificate

**Confused !!  Please Read On !!!**

I will try to clarify all the different possibilities on registration-certificates  for both Dogs and Health

Akiho Certificate and Numbers

Akiho is the highest form of registration for Japanese Akitas
Japan based numbers issued for dogs tell you that all Parents on pedigree are also pure Akiho registered.

This is an example-it has a number/pedigree and shows the owner's name--issued in English from Japan thanks to our USA based org. AkihoLA. Always ask to see before you buy a Japanese Akita.


Breeder' s registered Kennel Name
To register  Akiho puppies we need a certified/approved kennel name from Akiho Headquarters

This is an example of a kennel reg.


This is an Akiho membership Card
Members receive a monthly Magazine from Japan


Magazine- every month


To register a litter with Akiho we are asked to fill an extensive Litter registration formula and provide proof of the breeding with a picture and witnesses .

Mating Picture required with application.

**Serious Business**


Akita Pedigree


This wonderful site show you the Parents with pictures.You can research Akitas-Owners-Breeders...


Various registration certificates and pedigrees

        Canadian Kennel Club

Does not recognise Japanese Akitas yet--so not valid for JA

   American Kennel Club

Does not recognise  Japanese Akitas yet--so not valid for JA

Typical European Certificate

FCI supported and Country (Spain) supported

FCI is a global organisation

JKC style Export Pedigree

This is recognised worldwide

Is used to register your dog with every kennel club around the Globe

Also features the Microchip #

*****Health Certificates*****

In general the basic concerns for our Breed are;

A-General Health Certificate with


B-Hip certification


D-Auto-Immune concerns

Basic Health Certificate

Hip Certificate

Elbow Certificate

Eye Certificate

European Style Hip Cert.

"HD" system   HD-A    A/B/C

DNA testing for a variety of issues

We use this for coat length

European Style Dog Passport

Includes all records of health


Microchip for your dog- important

 A small microchip is implanted in the neck of your dog - the long serial number is registered and unique to your Akita -- gives you identification security


Every Country has their Certificates



In Japan the system is different

Champions are Earned

Highest Award Possible is Called


Check in your Pedigrees

This is a detailed Ch Evaluation done on a Akita at a Hozonkai Show.

Great Akita Inu in Japan

Wearing his "Meiyosho Medal"

Hope we have helped you with basic explanations on certificates

Surf the web and learn more !

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