Serdee Akitas





An amazing big Female with perfect structure and soundness. Wining at both the Japanese and Conformation style of competition.
She has produced fantastic puppies.
Her Parents are World renowned Akitas that have a great impact on our Breed.
A blessing for North America

 Hozonkai Champion (Japanese Standards)
Spanish Champion (Conformation/Movement System)
 Megumi pictured at 14 months

Megumi's first litter at Serdess

Imported from Japan to Spain by Silvia Exposito of Shunyou Kensha

Only a dog with perfect structure can stand free-style like this without effort or being stacked !! (and pregnant with 5 puppies)

Megumi's Father (Sire)  Multi Meiyosho Producer
 Megumi's Mother (Dam)  Meiyosho Award

Meet the Babies

And many more......................




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