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!!!New Puppy Buyers Please Read!!!
Since most inquiries are for available Puppies please read the following information, questions and prerequisites  we need from new owners.
1-Are you aware that there are two different Akitas
    We have only Japanese Akitas and not American Akitas
     Both are great dogs.
2-Japanese Akitas are very rare in Canada.
   I would say less than a handfull at this point.
   All our Akitas are Breeding Stock of top quality
   born in Japan and Akiho Registered. 
3-Japanese Akitas are very expensive, due to rarity and the cost of purchase and import.  
Japanese Akitas are one of the most expensive dog to purchase on the planet and are rapidly gaining popularity especially in Europe.
4-Companions (pet quality) start at $2500.00
5-Breeding quality (Show) start at $5000.00
Please research the breed on the net, you tube,and read my section on top breeders.
6-We will want to find out about you before we can send you a new puppy---regular questions and information requested by most breeders.
Hope this helps!



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